So, let me begin.

I didn’t make my profile. My friend did. After I kept bugging her to see who was on the app. Also, this app is Tinder.

Yes, I know, Really, how could you do that? Well, I did it for when I was traveling to see who lived there. And I recognize that not everyone on there is looking for that one thing. My friends who use it don’t. It was enough to get me to go take a look.

It is also a great boost to your ego. And, some normal people are on there. Some people have been using it to meet people when they move. It can be difficult to find people to hang out with in a new town, or to just find time to go places where you would meet people.

I have met some nice people through it, but it has one major flaw. It’s hard to keep in contact with people who you don’t have a friendship that was built up slowly. My closest friends I often knew a while before we were actually friends. There wasn’t a whole lot of guessing as to what they were like when we hung out. I knew them. Even my neighbors, you get a quick rundown of what they are like the first few days you meet them and go to all your meals together. (Yes, I am talking about the dorms. Leave me alone!) Or meeting people through activities you do, such as volunteering. Yes, you make a profile with things you like to do, but most of the time they don’t share all your same interests.

It isn’t a bad thing, but it is still more fun to get to know people the old fashioned way. Far less awkward as well. I know how to talk to some random person I see whether at school or at an activity: go ask them a question. It works really well. Keep it to something simple that they should be able to answer, if they want to talk to you, they will keep talking to you. If they don’t they won’t. And, often, based on the answer you will know if you want to keep talking to them.

Maybe, spend more time working on your social skills, and don’t be creepy on dating apps.


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