A bit about the current binge: How I Met Your Mother

Yes, this show is worth watching. I have, recently, heard complaints about how drawn out this show is. It was on for 9 seasons, and is the story of how Ted met his wife. Of course the main plot is going to be drawn out!

What is surprising me is how many of the big things happened in the early seasons. I didn’t realize SPOILERS BEGIN HERE that Lily and Marshal got married in the second season. Or that Ted and Robin got back together for a year. Or the we found out that Barney used to be a softy in the first season.

It’s a good show. If you enjoy watching a show to see where it ends, don’t watch HIMYM. Perhaps you should have known that before reading something like this. Who knows.

In other news, please be on the lookout for reviews! I’ve been continuing my lazy streak, but I am posting for the second day in a row, so that’s something!


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