The Firebird: A Book Review

The final (of what is currently published) of Susanna Kearsley's novels, The Firebird novel picks up with characters from The Shadowy Horses and The Winter Sea, modern characters and historic, respectively. For those of you unfamiliar with Kearsley's novels, there are at least two timelines with a bit of a love interest and some kind…Read more The Firebird: A Book Review


The Beautiful Ones: A Book Review

This novel, written by Silvia Moreno-Garcia, is the kind of novel I have been looking for. Following three individuals, Nina, Hector, and Valérie, we are drawn into a world of balls and power and gifted. Gifted as in, they are able to move things with their minds (and the aid of their hands). Nina is…Read more The Beautiful Ones: A Book Review

Dragon Teeth: An Audio Review

Written by Michael Crichton, published after his death, follows Johnson as he goes on a hunt for dinosaur bones. I really enjoyed this historical fiction novel. We got to meet Marsh and Cope and learn about the bone wars, which I never really knew. These two men did amazing things for paleontology. We also got…Read more Dragon Teeth: An Audio Review

Blue Heaven, Black Night: A Book Review

This story follows Elise, the illegitimate child of Henry the II, raised by a Duke and his wife and heir to their lands, and Bryan, a knight and close friend of Henry shortly after the King's death. Mistaking her for a thief, the two are at each other's throats from the first. Until they grow…Read more Blue Heaven, Black Night: A Book Review

Monstrous Beauty: An Audio Book Review

Written by Elizabeth Fama, this novel follows a mermaid and the human lives she has affected throughout the centuries. Have y'all ever watched Dark Shadows? Now, I am talking about the extraordinarily long TV series, not the film staring Johnny Depp. This book is the mermaid version of the first 200 or so episodes. I…Read more Monstrous Beauty: An Audio Book Review