Sparked: A Book Review

Sparked follows Laurel who's sister has disappeared, and the only person who cares is the mysterious Jasper who speaks to no one at school. Where did she go? Why is Laurel having mysterious dreams involving her sister? I adored this book. Now, I did find a few grammatical mistakes (a to instead of a too),…Read more Sparked: A Book Review


The Awakening: A Book Review

THE LIBRARY FINALLY FOUND THIS BOOK! If you follow along my journey of reading, you may know the background of my book addiction (what, someone who writes book reviews has a book addiction?) and how it latched onto this series. And how I got a phone call from my local library about how this book…Read more The Awakening: A Book Review

A Tale of Tales: A Movie Review

I found this movie recently, well, re-found it, and had to watch it. Why? Because I had just listened to a podcast with a few of these stories. As a movie, separate from the stories it is based on, this is an interesting, dark movie. This is the old school fairytales. Not for children, as…Read more A Tale of Tales: A Movie Review

The Sleeper and the Spindle: A Book Review

Written by Neil Gaiman, the master did not disappoint. This short story is a twist on the tale of Rapunzel with Snow White as the heroine. I really enjoyed this story, and Gaiman's unique take on the story was refreshing, particularly when so many re-telling of classic tales are coming out, and few will echo…Read more The Sleeper and the Spindle: A Book Review

Lost Voices: An Audio Book Review

Written by Sarah Porter, this novel follows 14 year old Luce (pronounced loose) as she learns what it means to be a mermaid after she... died? Very short summary I know, but there isn't really a whole lot to this novel. It wasn't bad, and had some interesting ideas as to where mermaids come from…Read more Lost Voices: An Audio Book Review