Fright Court: A Book Review

Written by Mindy Klasky, Sarah has started working at the night court, where she quickly learns that there are creatures that go bump in the night and this is where their crimes are judged. Sarah was hired by the mysterious and protective Head of Security (let me look up his name because it has been…Read more Fright Court: A Book Review


The Perfect Stranger: A Book Review

Well, Megan Miranda, you did it. You wrote a mystery book from every angle and created a tale that kept me entranced. This novel follows Leah, a journalist running from a story that went wrong in Boston, and found the perfect place to go to when her former roommate Emmy turns up in a bar…Read more The Perfect Stranger: A Book Review

Awaken: A Book Review

In final book in the Abandon trilogy, the Underworld is over flowing with dead and something seems to be wrong with the ferries. This book wrapped up all of the loose ends, but I don't know if I like how they wrapped everything up. Everyone got an ending - or a continuation of some kind…Read more Awaken: A Book Review

Abandon: A Book Review

In the first of the Abandon Trilogy we meet Pierce, a girl who is an NDE, someone who has had a near death experience, who was dead for an hour. Yup, that's right, an hour. And she remembers everything. That is to say, she remembers meeting John, the ruler of the Underworld where souls go…Read more Abandon: A Book Review

Blue Heaven, Black Night: A Book Review

This story follows Elise, the illegitimate child of Henry the II, raised by a Duke and his wife and heir to their lands, and Bryan, a knight and close friend of Henry shortly after the King's death. Mistaking her for a thief, the two are at each other's throats from the first. Until they grow…Read more Blue Heaven, Black Night: A Book Review