Sparked: A Book Review

Sparked follows Laurel who's sister has disappeared, and the only person who cares is the mysterious Jasper who speaks to no one at school. Where did she go? Why is Laurel having mysterious dreams involving her sister? I adored this book. Now, I did find a few grammatical mistakes (a to instead of a too),…Read more Sparked: A Book Review


Vamps: A Movie Review

How to describe this movie... It makes me think of the 90's movie Clueless with vampires and as adults. Might be because one of the main characters is the same. This is a light hearted movie, not for children, but would likely be enjoyed by teenaagers. We follow two vampires, one who was turned in…Read more Vamps: A Movie Review

Blue Heaven, Black Night: A Book Review

This story follows Elise, the illegitimate child of Henry the II, raised by a Duke and his wife and heir to their lands, and Bryan, a knight and close friend of Henry shortly after the King's death. Mistaking her for a thief, the two are at each other's throats from the first. Until they grow…Read more Blue Heaven, Black Night: A Book Review

The Twice Lost: An Audio Book Review

Written by Sarah Porter, this is the final of the Lost Voices Trilogy. Luce is now without Dorian, without her father, and faced with the humans hunting down mermaids. So, what happens, she starts an army. Yup, a mermaid army. I, I think I would have enjoyed this much more with a different reader. If…Read more The Twice Lost: An Audio Book Review