This is an effort to write every day. To keep a record of reviewed books. To, perhaps, keep a record of writing efforts. To explore what is new in literature, film, and engineering feats. A travel enthusiast, I love exploring all kinds of new places. Join me in my varied adventures.

A focus is put on book reviews: honest, raw, and thoughts on the writing technique of the author, flow of the story, and general interest in the idea.

If you are an author looking for reviews, feel free to send an e-mail on the Contact page. I do edit fiction and science non-fiction on the side, please e-mail for any interest. If you submit for a review, I will guarantee an honest review. This could be a review stating that the writing was so poor that I could not make it through the first page.

It takes a really amazing self-published book for me to enjoy it. Generally, self-published books have too many errors for me to be willing to pay for them. Please do not e-mail me asking to buy your book.




If you are interested editing your novel, send a synopsis and the first few pages. Depending on the writing style and caliber, I will respond with a quote. If you would like more information on the editing process and turn around times, please e-mail!