Awakenings: A Book Review

Written by Edward Lazellari, Awakenings,┬áthe first of the Guardians of Aandor series, is written from multiple perspectives as our world and one with more... specialties... collides. Perhaps the best introduction for this novel comes from the book itself: Cal MacDonnell and Seth Raincrest seem to have nothing in common. Cal's a happily married New York…Read more Awakenings: A Book Review


The Demon and the Fox: A Book Review

The Demon and the Fox, written by Tim Susman, is a well written novel that follows a fox-Calatian (a human fox - this is where I got a bit confused) Kip Penfold who has powers, and is enrolled in a school to become a sorcerer. And this is the story of how he learns that…Read more The Demon and the Fox: A Book Review

The Cruel Prince: An Audio Book Review

Written by Holy Black, The Cruel Prince is another Fae novel from Holly Black. This novel follows Jude, a twin to Taryn, whose parents were killed when they were small children in front of them by their mother's first husband, and their older sister Vivian's father, for taking his child away. BTW, her first husband,…Read more The Cruel Prince: An Audio Book Review

Now a Major Motion Picture: A Book Review

Written by Cori McCarthy, Now a Major Motion Picture (out April 3rd) follows Iris, the granddaughter of a famous fantasy novelist, as she and her younger brother journey to Ireland to watch the filming of their grandmother's first novel on screen. I loved this book. The characters have depth without relying on a lot of…Read more Now a Major Motion Picture: A Book Review

Monstrous Beauty: An Audio Book Review

Written by Elizabeth Fama, this novel follows a mermaid and the human lives she has affected throughout the centuries. Have y'all ever watched Dark Shadows? Now, I am talking about the extraordinarily long TV series, not the film staring Johnny Depp. This book is the mermaid version of the first 200 or so episodes. I…Read more Monstrous Beauty: An Audio Book Review

Severance Lost: A Book Review

Let me begin with an honest truth: I have not finished this book. Let me continue with: I will one day finish this book. However, this is a novel that is not conducive to coming and going and only reading a page or two here and there. Severance Lost is set in a new world…Read more Severance Lost: A Book Review

Odd Thomas: A BOOK Review

the same name staring the wonderful-died-too-soon Anton Yelchin. I first watched the film version 4 years ago. I can not remember if it was through Amazon or Netflix, but it quickly became one of my favorite movies. And, after reading the book, I am so happy. The have exact lines from the book in the…Read more Odd Thomas: A BOOK Review