The Mermaid: A Book Review

Written by Christina Henry, The Mermaid is NOT a retelling of The Little Mermaid, but is actually a retelling of the Feejee (Fiji) Mermaid that was a P.T. Barnum draw. So, take that idea of The Little Mermaid and throw it out the window now. Right now. Now that has been taken care of, let's…Read more The Mermaid: A Book Review


Lost Voices: An Audio Book Review

Written by Sarah Porter, this novel follows 14 year old Luce (pronounced loose) as she learns what it means to be a mermaid after she... died? Very short summary I know, but there isn't really a whole lot to this novel. It wasn't bad, and had some interesting ideas as to where mermaids come from…Read more Lost Voices: An Audio Book Review

Monstrous Beauty: An Audio Book Review

Written by Elizabeth Fama, this novel follows a mermaid and the human lives she has affected throughout the centuries. Have y'all ever watched Dark Shadows? Now, I am talking about the extraordinarily long TV series, not the film staring Johnny Depp. This book is the mermaid version of the first 200 or so episodes. I…Read more Monstrous Beauty: An Audio Book Review

Wake: An Audio Book Review

Written by Amanda Hocking, this story follows two sisters Gemma and Harper, as Gemma goes through a transformation while boys are disappearing from town. Here is a book I enjoyed, which is ironic because I found Hockings other series, about trolls, to be rather dull. But, I found this interesting in a good light-hearted, easy…Read more Wake: An Audio Book Review