Nyxia: A Book Review

Before the summary: this book was amazing. The writing was superb, the imagery powerful, and this is a book that actually makes you think, look deep into what life means to each person. Nyxia, written by Scott Reintgen, follows Emmett, a boy from Detroit who has been given the opportunity to change his life, and…Read more Nyxia: A Book Review


Girl in the Tower: A Book Review

This is the sequel to The Bear and The Nightingale by Katherine Arden, the second of The Winternight Trilogy. The Girl in the Tower follows Vasya, the daughter of a country prince in what is now Russia hundreds of years ago. Villages are burning, and Vasya sees demons (different from what the western world thinks of demons).…Read more Girl in the Tower: A Book Review

Lost Voices: An Audio Book Review

Written by Sarah Porter, this novel follows 14 year old Luce (pronounced loose) as she learns what it means to be a mermaid after she... died? Very short summary I know, but there isn't really a whole lot to this novel. It wasn't bad, and had some interesting ideas as to where mermaids come from…Read more Lost Voices: An Audio Book Review

One Grave at a Time: An Audio Book Review

Written by Jeanine Frost, this is NOT the first book in this series. This does not make me happy, as the library that I rented this from didn't tell me which was first, and that is  my number one complaint. Just include it in the title!! And, I don't know if I will be listening…Read more One Grave at a Time: An Audio Book Review

Forever Odd: A Book Review

And so, our favorite Oddy returns! Things that I enjoyed about this book: the plot was completely different from the first book. This may sound like such a simple thing, but considering how long this series is, and how proficient a writer Dean Koontz is, this was a sincere concern I had. This story picks…Read more Forever Odd: A Book Review