Jurassic Wold: Fallen Kingdom (Spoiler Thoughts on the Matter)

You have been warned. This movie has received a lot of bad press. A lot. And, so, today we will be analyzing what they did wrong and what went right, in full spoiler mode. Again, you have been warned. What went wrong: Clair. This movie would have been so much better without her. In the…Read more Jurassic Wold: Fallen Kingdom (Spoiler Thoughts on the Matter)


Now a Major Motion Picture: A Book Review

Written by Cori McCarthy, Now a Major Motion Picture (out April 3rd) follows Iris, the granddaughter of a famous fantasy novelist, as she and her younger brother journey to Ireland to watch the filming of their grandmother's first novel on screen. I loved this book. The characters have depth without relying on a lot of…Read more Now a Major Motion Picture: A Book Review

The Illusionist: A Movie Review

Yes, I know, this isn't a new movie. This isn't even close to a new movie. This movie is from 2006. And this is the first time I am watching it. And I did enjoy it. And I also understand why it isn't the most popular thing. The acting in this movie is fantastic, and…Read more The Illusionist: A Movie Review

Vamps: A Movie Review

How to describe this movie... It makes me think of the 90's movie Clueless with vampires and as adults. Might be because one of the main characters is the same. This is a light hearted movie, not for children, but would likely be enjoyed by teenaagers. We follow two vampires, one who was turned in…Read more Vamps: A Movie Review

Collide: A Movie Review

This is another movie for movie fans. What do I mean by that? If you enjoy watching a specific type of movie, and don't enjoy them for the shots, for the acting, for the way the director, cast, and cinematographer have put together a movie, this movie isn't for you. Why? Because the plot is…Read more Collide: A Movie Review