Mongrels: An Audio Book Review

Written by Stephen Graham Jones, Mongrels follows a boy, who is supposedly unnamed. BUT I SWEAR, I HEARD HIM REFERRED TO BY A NAME AT SOME POINT. Okay, done. Darren and Libby, the boy's aunt and uncle, take him across the Southern half of the US after his grandfather dies. Yes, this is about werewolves.…Read more Mongrels: An Audio Book Review


The Invisible Library: A Book Review

Written by Genevieve Cogman, The Invisible Library follows Irene and Kai as they try to retrieve a specific edition of Grimm's Tales from an alternate universe with vampires, werewolves, fae, steam punk, and odd magic, and return it to the Library. The Library being a giant library that connects alternate realities/universes. First - I am…Read more The Invisible Library: A Book Review

Dancing with Werewolves: A Book Review

This book is not for children. Written by Carole Nelson Douglas, Dancing with Werewolves follows investigative reporter Delilah as she moves to Las Vegas to confront the girl who played a corps on an episode of CSI who could be her twin. But really, Delilah is an orphan. Until Delilah learns that her twin was…Read more Dancing with Werewolves: A Book Review

Burn Bright: A Book Review

Written by Patricia Briggs, Burn Bright is the fifth book in her Alpha and Omega series. This series follows Charles, an Alpha werewolf, and Anna, an Omega, mates. Husband and Wife. Charles has been left in charge of the pack while his father decides to go on vacation. Nothing bad will happen, right? So, for…Read more Burn Bright: A Book Review

Moon Dance: A Book Review

Written by S. P. Somtow, this novel follows a journalist/anthropologist who has driven to the middle of no where South Dakota to interview a man, a murderer, with multiple personality disorders. Only, that isn't the only thing he suffers from... Carrie is the main character, i.e. the journalist, and I do like her. Set in…Read more Moon Dance: A Book Review