What is an editor?

a person whoeditsor selects and revises, material for publications,films, etc.

There are a variety of different editing options for written work, these include:

Copy Editing

Correct grammar, style consistency, and word usage. This means that we will not look at the story as a whole. This is best for a last run through edit and websites/short articles/short stories.

Line Editing

Polishing your style. Going through and checking consistency,  jargon, and flow.


A final read through after all other editing has been done. This is to find the little things that could have been missed in the big overhaul. A lot of editing DOESN’T include this. This still takes time, and can make your editing costs increase. This needs to be clarified if you want a second read through at the beginning.


Heavy editing. This is a combination of the first three, with the addition of plot line, improving your story to make it more captivating and elevating the writing style.


Editing should not only improve your story, but make it into a polished product. Editing is the difference between being able to tell a self-published book from a published book.