Fright Court: A Book Review

Written by Mindy Klasky, Sarah has started working at the night court, where she quickly learns that there are creatures that go bump in the night and this is where their crimes are judged. Sarah was hired by the mysterious and protective Head of Security (let me look up his name because it has been…Read more Fright Court: A Book Review


Vamps: A Movie Review

How to describe this movie... It makes me think of the 90's movie Clueless with vampires and as adults. Might be because one of the main characters is the same. This is a light hearted movie, not for children, but would likely be enjoyed by teenaagers. We follow two vampires, one who was turned in…Read more Vamps: A Movie Review

Insatiable and Overbite: A Book Review

Written by Meg Cabot, this is another book that takes an old story and twists it. Sometimes these are done well, sometimes they are not. Insatiable¬†is twist on/based on Dracula by Bram Stoker. In this instance Meena (remember Mina and Jonathan Harper from Dracula?) knows how people will die, though not necessarily when. Except for…Read more Insatiable and Overbite: A Book Review