White Knight: A Book Review

Written by C.D. Reiss, White Knight novel follows two lovers, separated as teenagers and estranged who come together again. THIS IS NOT FOR CHILDREN. I enjoyed this book up until the last two chapters. Because, up until that point, it felt like I had read half the book. Then it was summed up in, what…Read more White Knight: A Book Review


Burn Bright: A Book Review

Written by Patricia Briggs, Burn Bright is the fifth book in her Alpha and Omega series. This series follows Charles, an Alpha werewolf, and Anna, an Omega, mates. Husband and Wife. Charles has been left in charge of the pack while his father decides to go on vacation. Nothing bad will happen, right? So, for…Read more Burn Bright: A Book Review

Now a Major Motion Picture: A Book Review

Written by Cori McCarthy, Now a Major Motion Picture (out April 3rd) follows Iris, the granddaughter of a famous fantasy novelist, as she and her younger brother journey to Ireland to watch the filming of their grandmother's first novel on screen. I loved this book. The characters have depth without relying on a lot of…Read more Now a Major Motion Picture: A Book Review