Moon Dance: A Book Review

Written by S. P. Somtow, this novel follows a journalist/anthropologist who has driven to the middle of no where South Dakota to interview a man, a murderer, with multiple personality disorders. Only, that isn't the only thing he suffers from... Carrie is the main character, i.e. the journalist, and I do like her. Set in…Read more Moon Dance: A Book Review


Wolves and Roses: A Book Review

Written by Christina Bauer, I found this book in my local library. I should not have found this book in my library. This novel follows Bryar, who is supposed to follow a "fairy tale life template", specifically, Sleeping Beauty. She is raised by three fairies, she falls asleep when she gets nervous, yada yada. But,…Read more Wolves and Roses: A Book Review

Serpent’s Kiss: A Book Review

Serpent's Kiss, written by Melissa de la Cruz, is the second book in her Witches of East End Series, and follows a mother and her two girls who were thrown from Asgard (yup, they used to be godesses) and became witches here on earth. The last book was okay. This one was pretty meh. The…Read more Serpent’s Kiss: A Book Review