The Promise Girls: A Book Review *SPOILERS*

Written by Marie Bostwick, The Promise Girls follows the three Promise girls, each engineered by their mother to become prodigies, until the day she breaks in front of the camera and their lives change forever. This novel follows their lives some twenty years after this incident, when all of the girls are grown up. What happens to…Read more The Promise Girls: A Book Review *SPOILERS*


Awaken: A Book Review

In final book in the Abandon trilogy, the Underworld is over flowing with dead and something seems to be wrong with the ferries. This book wrapped up all of the loose ends, but I don't know if I like how they wrapped everything up. Everyone got an ending - or a continuation of some kind…Read more Awaken: A Book Review

Severance Lost: A Book Review

Let me begin with an honest truth: I have not finished this book. Let me continue with: I will one day finish this book. However, this is a novel that is not conducive to coming and going and only reading a page or two here and there. Severance Lost is set in a new world…Read more Severance Lost: A Book Review

Forever Odd: A Book Review

And so, our favorite Oddy returns! Things that I enjoyed about this book: the plot was completely different from the first book. This may sound like such a simple thing, but considering how long this series is, and how proficient a writer Dean Koontz is, this was a sincere concern I had. This story picks…Read more Forever Odd: A Book Review

Odd Thomas: A BOOK Review

the same name staring the wonderful-died-too-soon Anton Yelchin. I first watched the film version 4 years ago. I can not remember if it was through Amazon or Netflix, but it quickly became one of my favorite movies. And, after reading the book, I am so happy. The have exact lines from the book in the…Read more Odd Thomas: A BOOK Review

A Second Hand Life: A Book Review

Written by Pamela Crane, this book reminded me of Twilight. Shall I explain? First, this is an interesting premise. A girl has a heart transplant and 22  years later starts to re-live memories that the original owner of the heart experienced before she died. Now on to the nitty-gritty. Second, Mia is a terrible character.…Read more A Second Hand Life: A Book Review