NEW BOOK RELEASE An Excerpt from Wolf Tamer

Welcome, welcome! If you are new here, and you have been brought here by the tour (scroll down for the schedule and links to the other sites participating) please take a look around, and everyone enjoy the exclusive book excerpt I was given to share with y'all!  There is a Grand Prize Giveaway associated with…Read more NEW BOOK RELEASE An Excerpt from Wolf Tamer


Awakenings: A Book Review

Written by Edward Lazellari, Awakenings, the first of the Guardians of Aandor series, is written from multiple perspectives as our world and one with more... specialties... collides. Perhaps the best introduction for this novel comes from the book itself: Cal MacDonnell and Seth Raincrest seem to have nothing in common. Cal's a happily married New York…Read more Awakenings: A Book Review

The Serpent King: An Audio Book Review

Written by Jeff Zentner, is about three friends, high school outcasts, who are walking into their senior year from two different backgrounds. That's right, three friends two backgrounds. Two of the characters, Dill and Travis have different stories but they understand each other. They both come from families with hard fathers, not a lot of…Read more The Serpent King: An Audio Book Review

Now a Major Motion Picture: A Book Review

Written by Cori McCarthy, Now a Major Motion Picture (out April 3rd) follows Iris, the granddaughter of a famous fantasy novelist, as she and her younger brother journey to Ireland to watch the filming of their grandmother's first novel on screen. I loved this book. The characters have depth without relying on a lot of…Read more Now a Major Motion Picture: A Book Review

The Promise Girls: A Book Review *SPOILERS*

Written by Marie Bostwick, The Promise Girls follows the three Promise girls, each engineered by their mother to become prodigies, until the day she breaks in front of the camera and their lives change forever. This novel follows their lives some twenty years after this incident, when all of the girls are grown up. What happens to…Read more The Promise Girls: A Book Review *SPOILERS*

Awaken: A Book Review

In final book in the Abandon trilogy, the Underworld is over flowing with dead and something seems to be wrong with the ferries. This book wrapped up all of the loose ends, but I don't know if I like how they wrapped everything up. Everyone got an ending - or a continuation of some kind…Read more Awaken: A Book Review