The Invisible Library: A Book Review

Written by Genevieve Cogman, The Invisible Library follows Irene and Kai as they try to retrieve a specific edition of Grimm's Tales from an alternate universe with vampires, werewolves, fae, steam punk, and odd magic, and return it to the Library. The Library being a giant library that connects alternate realities/universes. First - I am…Read more The Invisible Library: A Book Review


The Cruel Prince: An Audio Book Review

Written by Holy Black, The Cruel Prince is another Fae novel from Holly Black. This novel follows Jude, a twin to Taryn, whose parents were killed when they were small children in front of them by their mother's first husband, and their older sister Vivian's father, for taking his child away. BTW, her first husband,…Read more The Cruel Prince: An Audio Book Review

Dragon Teeth: An Audio Review

Written by Michael Crichton, published after his death, follows Johnson as he goes on a hunt for dinosaur bones. I really enjoyed this historical fiction novel. We got to meet Marsh and Cope and learn about the bone wars, which I never really knew. These two men did amazing things for paleontology. We also got…Read more Dragon Teeth: An Audio Review

The Last Wolf: A Book Review

THIS IS NOT FOR CHILDREN Written by Marie Vale, this novel follows Silver, a runt and cripple werewolf, as she is given an opportunity to avoid being nidling (a servant to the alpha pair) by saving Ti and trying to bring him into the pack. Okay, now that those things are out of the way:…Read more The Last Wolf: A Book Review

The Illusionist: A Movie Review

Yes, I know, this isn't a new movie. This isn't even close to a new movie. This movie is from 2006. And this is the first time I am watching it. And I did enjoy it. And I also understand why it isn't the most popular thing. The acting in this movie is fantastic, and…Read more The Illusionist: A Movie Review

A Shadow Bright and Burning: A Book Review

In this novel, written by Jessica Cluess,  Henrietta is the prophesied girl to bring about the end of the Ancient ones, seven monsters tormenting England during Queen Victoria's reign, by becoming the first female sorcerer, not to be confused with the illegal witches and magicians, since Joan of Arc. Oh, and she has an Unclean…Read more A Shadow Bright and Burning: A Book Review