Vamps: A Movie Review

How to describe this movie... It makes me think of the 90's movie Clueless with vampires and as adults. Might be because one of the main characters is the same. This is a light hearted movie, not for children, but would likely be enjoyed by teenaagers. We follow two vampires, one who was turned in…Read more Vamps: A Movie Review


The Awakening: A Book Review

THE LIBRARY FINALLY FOUND THIS BOOK! If you follow along my journey of reading, you may know the background of my book addiction (what, someone who writes book reviews has a book addiction?) and how it latched onto this series. And how I got a phone call from my local library about how this book…Read more The Awakening: A Book Review

John Dies at the End: A Movie Review

This movie, based on a novel of the same name,  is one odd duck. When my friend and I started watching this his first statement was "What are we watching?". My response? "It was listed on a bunch of sites as being a good movie." And it was, but in many ways, okay, in all of the…Read more John Dies at the End: A Movie Review

The Sleeper and the Spindle: A Book Review

Written by Neil Gaiman, the master did not disappoint. This short story is a twist on the tale of Rapunzel with Snow White as the heroine. I really enjoyed this story, and Gaiman's unique take on the story was refreshing, particularly when so many re-telling of classic tales are coming out, and few will echo…Read more The Sleeper and the Spindle: A Book Review

The Sinner: A Book Review *SPOILERS*

Amanda Stevens, why are you so good at hooking me? Now, I have already covered that this is full of spoilers. So, let us continue. Kendrick. I knew you didn't have a chance because, clearly, Amelia is not finished with Devlin, but I am honestly so very surprised that Amelia fell for this. He had…Read more The Sinner: A Book Review *SPOILERS*

The Visitor: A Book Review *Rift with Spoilers*

Another hit by Amanda Stevens. This novel picks up with Amelia and her sanctuary being invaded. Alright, SPOILERS, SPOILERS BELOW. This is the 4th book in the series. Yes, you can probably get away with reading this book by itself, however, I don't recommend it. You will miss out on so very much. Now, WHY…Read more The Visitor: A Book Review *Rift with Spoilers*