The Splendour Falls: A Book Review

Written by Susanna Kearsley, this novel follows Emily as she attempts to enjoy her vacation to Chinon despite the fact that her cousin Harry never showed up to get her at the airport. It isn't the first time he has done that. But as the week continues, with Neal and Armand both trying to woo…Read more The Splendour Falls: A Book Review


The Blood Singer: A Book Review

Written by Patrick McNulty, this novel follows Haden Church, a reaper who goes off the books. Apparently all the time? And what is a reaper in this world? Someone who can see and speak to ghosts, and can take over their recently deceased bodies. I really wanted to like this book, but between the editing/grammar…Read more The Blood Singer: A Book Review

Burn Bright: A Book Review

Written by Patricia Briggs, Burn Bright is the fifth book in her Alpha and Omega series. This series follows Charles, an Alpha werewolf, and Anna, an Omega, mates. Husband and Wife. Charles has been left in charge of the pack while his father decides to go on vacation. Nothing bad will happen, right? So, for…Read more Burn Bright: A Book Review

the curious incident of the dog in the night-time: A Book Review

Written by Mark Haddon, this novel is from the perspective of a special needs teenage boy in England and follows his investigation into who killed the neighbors dog, and the results of that investigation. I actually only read this book because it is the chosen book for a new book club I joined. This novel…Read more the curious incident of the dog in the night-time: A Book Review

Picture Perfect Murder: A Book Review

Written by Jenna St. James, this novel follows Ryli, a local journalist and photographer, and she tries to solve a murder that she is called in to photograph. And dates the Chief of Police. And hangs out with her friend and crazy Aunt. Oh, and she has a cat. That description is a good way…Read more Picture Perfect Murder: A Book Review

The Prophet: A Book Review

Written by Amanda Stevens, this is the third book in the Graveyard Queen series, and Amelia is back in Charleston and has a ghost that is more than a ghost who will not leave her alone until he helps her. And she may have a slight stalking problem when is comes to the mysterious detective,…Read more The Prophet: A Book Review