What this Blog Means to Me

This blog is still a work in progress, but I believe I have finally stumbled upon what I want to do with it!

I want reviews present: TV, Movies, and Books. What I would like to make different about my reviews is examine not only if the item being reviewed is good, but who would like it even if I don’t. Leave some recommendations. Help you so that you don’t waste your time watching something you don’t like, or help you find something new that has characteristics of other genres that you do typically enjoy.

In the end, help you to not waste your time. I already waste mine, so just let me do that for you.

I would also enjoy using the blog aspect to help explore the history of this various items. You would be surprised to learn that not many people know that I Am Legend is not the first movie based on that novel. It is the only to take the name of the novel, but there were three previous. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Not many people actually go into that side of movies and films. Not many people want to. But I can help. No, I am no Nostalgia Critic, and I am not trying to be. I don’t want to remember it so you don’t have to, I just want to make the information known.

Besides, looking up random information like that is one of my hobbies. Why else would I have watched over 2500 movies and TV shows (no, that does not count episodes) in my life, other than a love for films.



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