Between- Why Can’t I Stop Watching?

Let me begin with this: this show is very well done. The style, the actors, the writing, everything is well done. What keeps me watching is to find out what is truly behind this terrible thing that happened to Pretty Lake.

But there are so many things that bother me.

Currently, I am on Season 2 Episode 3. So, I haven’t finished it yet. Maybe some of the rant I am about to expunge will be answered.

To begin with: you are quarantined and anyone over the age of 22 (including 22 year-olds) is dead. So this isn’t just children. Let’s say that I am there- or anyone with some intelligence. What’s the first thing to do? Well, I would get everyone together – someone needs to watch the small children. They can have things to do, after everything is established. So, those of you with babysitting experience and young siblings, we call upon you! Figure out the best place to keep them all and how many people need to be with them to provide enough supervision. Small children can get into so much trouble.

Next, big town meeting. We are cut off- we need to establish some contact with the outside world. If none exists, we need to figure out what we have, and how long it will last. I am talking food, energy, gas, water, animals, all of it. Not to mention that we now have to police our own – which will take mostly determining what still has owners and what doesn’t. Figure out what people are good for – you need new law enforcement, and need to keep those rules simple. Need people to be in charge. Then you can start to see what the younger kids can do.

Now, Pretty Lake must have a library. And maps. Take out the maps – make a plan to do a full search of the town. Gather all the perishable food. If I remember correctly, the town started with a population of around.. 5,000? Maybe it was more than that. So, go through every house, every farm, all the stores. You need to know how much food you have, when it goes bad, and if you have enough to make more.

We know that there is a dairy farm- that somehow killed all of its cows. COME ON PEOPLE??? If there is one dairy farm, there are likely other farms. Go to the other farms, all the farms, see what animals they have. Is there someone there to take care of them? Do they have what they need? Even dogs and cats – who knows whats going to happen. We find out there are Mennonites. They know how to live off the land, time to go talk to them. And that library- go find all the manuals, figure out where any potentially useful information is. You know, health, manufacturing, agriculture, all of that USEFUL information.

Then, we find out that there are already a group LIVING OFF THE GRID?! Y’all. Come on. How did you not know this? You need to take really look around the quarantined zone. And everyone who is dying? I am talking about all the gun shot wounds, those need to get figured out.


So many decisions that could have made a difference and helped everyone. People used to be adults at 16- it is possible to adjust. Yes, they will have a breaking point. It will happen. But, if you can get everything set up, you make that break easier.

An intriguing story, but could we have a little more believable of a set up. Particularly since there is someone in town, a teacher, who had her masters degree who could have had this set up before she turned 22.


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