15 Things I Would Love to Find in a Guy

Let me begin: I don’t date because I am bored, I don’t date because I can, I date to figure out if I want to marry you. If I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I won’t insult you by dragging out a relationship that I don’t see going anywhere. And, yes, I can know quick if it won’t work out. I don’t want a man who I will fight with, who will get on my nerves every moment. Below, that is what I am looking for. I don’t know if he exists. Maybe he does, but I am not attracted to him. Yes, ladies and gents, I will admit that the first thing I look at is your face, how tall you are, if you work out. I can admit that, if I am not attracted to you, a lot of these traits are also great in a friend. But, that can be saved for another rant.

  1. An adventure partner
    • Someone who, at the drop of a hat, would be willing to go on a few adventures. Mostly things like hiking, a ren fest, or go on an adventure and see what we find if we go for a drive. Check out new towns. Things like that. We don’t need to go skydiving.
  2. Another movie lover
    • I love movies, if you can’t tell from my portfolio. Really, adore them. It would be nice to find someone who can appreciate them with me.
  3. A reader
    • Just so that we can discuss some books, and how well the movie stands up to them.
  4. Someone who will put up with horses
    • You don’t have to love them. You don’t even have to know anything about them, though that would help. But, you need to understand that I want to own some one day, and to go riding often. If you can be open to doing that with me, than we can get along.
  5. Dog lover, who maybe can deal with a cat (maybe)
    • I will own a dog. Unless I live in the country, I don’t plan on owning more than one dog at a time, maybe two if you want to have your own dog. And maybe a cat, though having owned one, they get really smelly when they get old.
  6. Someone who might want to share a collection of swords, guns, and other odd things that we maybe don’t display or tell most people we have
    • I really want to own and learn to handle a few swords. Guns I like, and would again like to own a few. And I may have a collection of posters and art prints…
  7. Someone who doesn’t smoke
    • Sorry, guys, but that smell… no. Just, no. And I am including smoking illegal substances too – you do you, but not that with me.
  8. Someone who doesn’t drink excessively
    • I don’t drink a lot. But, if you like mixed drinks, I would totally be up for trying those fancy drinks!
  9. A stargazing partner
    • This goes with the adventurer, but I would like to meet someone who actually enjoys this. Not someone who only goes with because they think they will get lucky or because I like it. That is very dissapointing to learn.
  10. Someone who will put up with my love of origins
    • Where did the idea for this movie originate, how many times has it been made, why do we use this word to describe this thing, King Arthur and other legends. Google and I have a very good relationship.
  11. Someone who I can DISCUSS superheroes with.
    • ANGEL. Seriously, he needs a movie.
  12. A country guy
    • Enjoy country music, yeah, but really I mean someone who enjoys living in the country, having land, being away from people. Bonfires, fourwheeling, that kind of life. Someone who isn’t just living out there because I want to and they actually hate it.
  13. Someone else who loves craftsmen style houses/details
    • Just because it would be nice to be able to have a house we both love.
  14. Someone who is okay with working on things
    • I like projects, I like making things. I would like someone who can help and would be up for doing our own work on the house.
  15. A dance partner
    • Dancing is wonderful. It is how I stay in shape, and it’s the only thing I like to show off. I usually am not a fan of being the center of attention, but I love learning a new dance move that is impressive. I want a partner I can show off, who can keep up, who can always be there for me to dance with.

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