An Update On the Current Binge: Supernatural

I am on episode 6. I am sorry. I don’t know why!

I should love this show from the start. Paranormal, myths, a cool (though loud) car, cute main characters. Decent writing. The downside here might be that I have seen/read so many things in this genre… and I know where it is going. I know how this is going to go.

But I will muster on! Because, when you are in the 2,000’s for the number of movies and TV shows you have seen, you have to. Maybe you don’t. That might be a lie. But I don’t want to be called out for never watching it when I like everything else related to it. That was my reasoning for watching Merlin. If you like the memes, maybe just stick with the memes. Yeahh….

I’ll keep trying to update. I will try to watch more. I may have a real job on the line, but I would have 3 days off a week so, who knows where life is going to take me.


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