Northern Dancer Stuck in a Southern World

I learned to dance in the North. I learned, first, from my neighbors – good thing they were instructors – then in a barn dance, and honed in a classroom. Let me sum up my experience in a few rules I have learned over the years.

Dancing in Texas – I don’t know about t he rest of the South – they need to relearn some of these. Also, where are my amazing country swing dancers?

And, stop doing the lazy version of the line dances!

  1. Respect. Respect yourself, respect your partner, respect your environment.
  2. Always ask the lady to dance. Ladies, when learning, you can’t say no.
  3. It is okay, as a lady, to ask a gentleman to dance.
  4. This ain’t a club- your hands stay in the proper place. Be respectful, and you will be able to do more moves if your hands are in the right place. Girls, hand on the collar bone; boys, hand between her shoulderblades.
  5. Don’t dance with drunk people.
  6. Always dip at the end of a song.
  7. If you drop the girl, you owe her dinner. If you drop her to get a date, she gets to take her friends.
  8. Anyone can learn, you just need patience.
  9. Not everyone will be the best dancer, but they will still be fun.
  10. There are a lot of types of dances- start with the basics. With that, you can learn any dance.
  11. Girls/follows – follow. Do not lead, unless y’all are about to run into something or you don’t want to do a move.
  12. Ladies, if it isn’t a trust move or arial, you have to do it.
  13. Gentlemen, if you have never danced with the girl before, don’t do trust moves. That is not okay.
  14. Learn moves with another couple- you need to see what is happening if it isn’t working.

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