7 of the Most Annoying Posts on Facebook 2016

Annoying things on facebook. We all have been there, some/most of us have posted them. I put this list up as someone who does not get over a hundred likes on any picture I post- I also don’t spend hours posing to get the perfect picture and generally don’t post selfies. So, that’s my disclaimer. Maybe there are people who enjoy these things, but I’m not one of them.

  1. Blind reposting of click bait. Yes, I have fallen for the click bait- I had to learn the hard way not to trust reposts.
  2. Posting up rants only to have your opinion reinforced. Because, guess what, you don’t want to hear the other side of the argument. You just don’t have anyone you can text and rant to.
  3. How are you getting all of these professional looking photos?
  5. Older folks reposting everything. Family stuff. Religious stuff. Politics. Everything.
  6. People posting the same question over and over because they never get an answer they like. You are asking the same question of the same people. Nothing drastic has happened, my answer hadn’t changed.
  7. Those people who constantly post about their volunteer work and are trying to get you to donate or adopt an animal. If I want an animal, okay, I can talk to you. Unless you are someone with over 1000 friends, why do you have to post daily? Also, if you have over a 1000 friends but only about 20 live in your town, how much are your posts helping? *if they aren’t getting any shares*

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