Binge Update: Scream Season 2

To begin, I expect to be done with this season by the end of the day. This has only become a binge because I haven’t updated since Wednesday and I had to break this up over a few days because gaming. Yeah, that’s right, gaming. It needs focus!

Now, this season is not as good as Season 1, let me start with that. I think that they could have started off on a much stronger note. Still, better than a lot of other shows that are out there and this is definitely the genre that MTV should have always been doing. DO NOT WATCH SHANNARAH CHRONICALS! Seriously, that is so bad – even if you don’t bother to read the book. A book that, for me, was very meh. But, that’s just me.

Back to the show, I feel like part of what has taken away is that they keep throwing in new characters. However, I can appreciate the variance they are bringing in. We shall see where the story goes.


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