Mixing Drinks

Shall I begin with a statement: I do not like the taste of alcohol. And, yes, I can taste it. I didn’t drink before I was 21, and never wanted to be excessively intoxicated because driving and getting away.

But, I am fascinated with alcohol. How it is made, the different types, infusions, fancy drinks, all of that. So, I have started doing research. I was also recently given a book to review, which I am still working on, called A Proper Drink by Robert Simonson which covers the mixology revolution that started in the 80’s. I’ll let y’all know when I finish it. One of the most interesting things about this book is all the other books that it references. I have a book collection (I enjoy reading if you haven’t checked out the book reviews yet). This is inspiring me to have a recipe collection.

My family doesn’t drink. I don’t drink (other than to try and find a drink that tastes good to me: pro tip, try the Sasha). But, I want to mix drinks. Do you see the problem I have?

I am also obsessed with non-alcoholic drinks. The proportions, the flavor profiles, and why don’t we make a bigger deal out of these? Generally, they are cheaper. Yes, there is tea, which I enjoy, that has quite the following. But what about other drinks? Give me your fancy drinks that actually taste good!

So, I will need to, at some point, find people who are willing to be test subjects for me mixing drinks. And start to buy actual alcohol. And test to see if price really makes a difference, and what I can make at home.

I think I have a long way to go before I can put my books to use. Maybe I should keep getting books first.


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