Passengers; A Movie Review

Let me begin with this: I went into this movie with no expectations. If I hadn’t gone with my family I would not have watched this movie at all.

And that would have been a shame.

Despite having one of my least favorite actresses (one day I will write a review about Silver Linings Playbook), I loved everything about this movie. Not so much the 150 years of cryostasis, but everything else based around that premise.

I recommend this movie. Seriously, excellent.


This movie follows a mechanic who was awoken when an asteroid hit the spaceship. Turns out this asteroid actually made it inside the hull of the ship. After waking up 90 years too soon, he quickly discovers that there is no way to go back to sleep. Finding this out he slowly starts to go crazy from lack of human interaction. Now, this is what differed from the impression I got from the trailer and the actual story. In the trailer it seems as if the man and woman woke up together. Nope. He woke her up. That happened. And that is the part that many people will probably have issues with. Yes, you could live without committing someone else to death. He tried not to. He failed. This ends up being about fixing the ship, and if you can accept someone who doomed you to a different fate than you intended just to be with them.

Until next time! I will be trying to get back in the swing of things. Oh jobs!


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