Earlier today I was watching a YouTube video about a YouTube personality who isn’t friends with her Exs and doesn’t understand being friends with them.

I have two kinds: those I want to keep as friends because they are wonderful people and those I remember only as personal lessons to myself. And as good stories to tell.

The other difference? I never had sex with any of my Exs. GASP I know, I know, but yup. I’m not ashamed of that. Not sleeping with them probably really contributes to my ability to be friends with them. Their girlfriends aren’t jealous of me because, well, I think all of them went farther than I did.

And I know that, when I date, it usually doesn’t last very long because I date to find a husband. Friends are for fun, and I don’t want to miss the one.

I stay friends with some of my Exs, and hope they can find their person. It just wasn’t me. Or they weren’t mine.


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