Eternal Night : A Book Review

Written by Alayna Ravenwood, this book follows Anna (I think I see what you did in this book Ravenwood) and she searches for the man who murdered who mother and what happened during the year she doesn’t remember.

I enjoyed this book, and am highly anticipating the next book, but I don’t know if I am willing to pay for the next book, and here is why.

The story is compelly, very Harry Potter like with its English private school and exclusive invitations, but the story and the characters get hard to follow. At times it feels like certain characters completely dissappear and lose all sense of purpose to the story. And the releationships, out side of Blake and Anna, seem to change in a whim.

Again, I enjoyed this book and want to read the second, but it has its flaws, and I have mixed feelings about how well it convays any subtleties it was trying for.


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