I am constantly being told, by family members not coworkers, that I should not complain about my boss. I am talking about my direct boss.

Here is the thing: he is the reason people in my department quit. He is one of the reasons why this company IS NOT MAKING ITS DAILY GOALS. Now, if you talk to the higher ups they will tell you that we are beating our goals! Readers, accounts can be fudged. Now you say “that’s illegal!” No, it isnt. It just changes based on what you use as your measuring point. This company counts sales when they are shipped. Nevermind that they were bought and paid for last year. I think- this is where I don’t know when our buyers pay for our product. I know some people have been waiting a year for their product.

He can’t do his job. When he is constantly asking me questions- I HAVEN’T EVEN BEEN HERE FOR 6 MONTHS- and he has worked here for 18 years, that’s not okay. When he okays a product for sales that DOESN’T FUNCTION then tries to blame everyone else? Well, I keep track of how things go down.

Now my family says “there must be a reason he still works there” and I can’t figure out why. I don’t care how “loyal” you are to a company. He isn’t qualified for his job. He costs the company money. Every employee he has cleans up his mess so that the company doesn’t suffer. When I go and talk to the higher ups and HR and they tell me there is nothing they can do, why would I stay?

When I do not have an engineering position and honestly don’t make enough that I can move out of my parents house, why would I stay?

I like my other coworkers, finally have some people that I can do activities with, but everything costs money. If I move for a new job, I will miss some people, but it will overall be better for me.

My boss should not work for this company. And he never has any repercussions for any of his actions. I can’t take it. There is a reason 10 people have quit in the last 3 months. 

I thought I would have this job for a few years. I underestimated why the last person in my position left.


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