Written by Jennifer Rayes, was… well… I could not get into this book. The writing was grammatically sound, but it isn’t compelling.

Okay, before I get into it, this story is about Gaia who has, possibly, been taken, beaten, and doesn’t remember anything. This is why it is POSSIBLE that she was taken. Or was she rescued? Because she doesn’t remember what happened. But her own name, she remembers that. At the age of 22 – real subtle – she meets her cell mate – a 12 year old girl – whom she feels motherly towards.

Now, that is literally as far in the story I got. 3 pages. This story has potential, but I was not brought into it. The writing was fine. Too much tell, not enough show. Not enough word weaving.

Yes, as a self-published author you have a lot more to fight against, and I honestly don’t appologize for not making it past the first chapter. I said I would give an honest review and make no promises about finishing your story.

Two things:

  1. Engineers are not known for their writing abilities. I should know, I am one. This isn’t a technical praper and your background doesn’t tell me much about your writing skills and I honestly don’t care. I say this because all you included in your introductory e-mail was a link to your website.
  2. If you want to sell your book the non-traditional route you need to make sure that the book sells itself. When you message a reviewer asking them to review the book, and you want a good review and not just an honest review, include a cover picture they can use, the book, and imbed the first section or two of your story in the e-mail.

Could be a good “beach read”, the writing is not to my taste ad the story was not captivating for me. If it was on Wattpad I maybe would have been more forgiving and forged on to see if the plot went anywhere.



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