Thank you, your congratulations are appreciated! However, it still isn’t a Chemical Engineering job. BUT IT IS AN ENGINEERING JOB!

So, time to get a little real. I am writing this in an attempt to help future individuals (maybe me?) by tracking what is going on.

I got the offer yesterday, however, it was more than 10% less than I thought it would be. Because of this, I am now having to do a lot of calculations fast. They also want me to move across the country in 4 weeks. Not a problem if you have some place to live. A bit of a problem if you likely can’t find an apartment that will let you move in that amount of time. YAY!

There is also the fact that this new job, because of the actual income, ends up being basically a wash with my current job. I live at home and pay a small rent to my family, which ends up saving me a lot of money. I pay for a portion of groceries, and all of my own lunches. Mostly because I MAY have started eating out for most lunches. FOR SHAME ON ME.

Now, moving across the country is expensive. I haven’t been able to find anything for less than 2K, and I am really only moving a studio apartment equivalent. Likely without any furniture.

WHY IS IT SO HARD TO GIVE ME TWO QUOTES FOR MOVING ITEMS? Seriously. How much the quote is will decide if I move items from here, or buy them up there. It isn’t that hard. PEOPLE.

The fact that the two are now so close, even though this is an AMAZING opportunity, is really hard. Particularly when my current company keeps saying that they are going to give me a promotion. But unless that promotion gets me out from under my current boss, is it actually worth it?

So, we will see! I have many conflicting feelings. What you know always FEELS better than what could be. But, if you never act on what could be, how will you ever know?


*Feature image does not belong to me.



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