There are two types of people: those who adventure and those who don’t 

How many of you, if you had no job and nothing better to do, would drive across the country and help a friend move.

I know I would. Seriously. I went on a 3 week long adventure just to SEE my friends when I had no job. Help you move? You are paying for everything? Heck yeah, and let me help you pack some lunches! 

The drive to do nothing, when a great opportunity presents itself, baffles me. What, you will introduce me to more people who might have a way for me to get a job? I will get to go to a place I have never been?

To MEET people?

Yes, I know, engineers hate meeting people. Well, guess what? Until you have a secure job or are retired, you need to meet people. The postings online probably won’t land you your dream job. They could. Likely they will get you a stepping stone, and the people you meet will get you a great job. Chance encounters. And constantly meeting knew people is the best way to keep that skill.

Yeah. It is a skill. Talking to people always have been. Just because some people can start talking, doesn’t mean they can hold a conversation. 

Do not say no to opportunity. 


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