Binge Update: Last Season of Call the Midwife

… and it isn’t the same without Nurse Lee. I figured that the actress had decided to go on in her career, and I think that was a poor decision. 

In am interview/cover of the story, Jessica Raine stated that she wanted to go on to do movies, comedy, and science fiction. Well, three years later and she still hasn’t been in movie. More TV shows, but I don’t think any of them have been as successful as Call the midwife. She was in Fortitude, before it got really big (according to IMDB). Honestly, I think it was a poor choice of hers to leave, and a poor choice of the producers to not replace her with a different actor.

This show is still good, but I want the narrator to ACTUALLY BE THERE FOR EVENTS SHE IS RELATING. Seriously.

Interesting, there are 2 more seasons, at least? I don’t understand not continuing the characters. 

But, whatever.


2 thoughts on “Binge Update: Last Season of Call the Midwife

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