Written by Vic James, this story follows Luke and overseers as their mandatory 10 years slave work with their family. Or so they think.

This novel follows the equals, those who wield Skill to accomplish great and powerful things, and the commoners below them, who must serve as slaves for 10 years of their life.

Did I enjoy this book? Yes. Would I recommend it? Yes. Is it a fantastic book? Well…

Here is what keeps me from totally raving about this book (and, yes,  I do love Gavar): things randomly pop up in the writing.

This is so annoying. I get it, you need to get this information out, but it is okay to make the book a little longer. This isn’t a script. Speaking of scripts, when I got to the back and read the bio, the style of this writing suddenly made so much more sense. She is a TB producer.

This would make a great movie or TV show. Really a TV show because it skips around too much for a movie.

Recommend for fans of dystopian and urban fantasy.


3 thoughts on “Gilded Cage: A Book Review

  1. When you say “things randomly pop up in the writing,” are you talking about explanations/history just suddenly appearing? Is it a world-building issue? I haven’t read the book, but I like understanding what it is that bothers people in their fiction reading.


    • Sadly I had already returned this book before I found a quote to use. It would be an action that would not make any sense in the context of what was going on, and was never revisited or seemed to have much of a purpose. Similar to, in a script, where an action of a secondary character will occur during a primary characters action that really has no purpose other than to make movement.

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      • Okay, I think I get what you mean. Almost like the author is going off on a tangent, but it’s because they’re spending time on something that doesn’t add or relate to the story. Maybe the kind of thing a sharp editor would have known to nix from the manuscript, since it doesn’t do much more than bloat the word count.

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