King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, a Review *ALL THE SPOILERS*

There are two ways to approach this movie: from a movie stand point, and from the point of an Arthurian fan.

From the point of the King Arthur fan, this movie is terrible. I somewhat appreciate the idea of bringing Robin Hood into the story. And this method of how he could have grown up is interesting. But, seriously, not good from that point of view.

As a movie in general, I am a HUGE fan and will be watching this again! This movie uses such a wonderful variety of cinematography, from slow motion to single view, to cut scenes galore, and special effects at the right times! Balish is here from Game of Thrones, and an actor that, while he seems like he could be familiar, doesn’t surpass to be himself over the character.

This movie reminds me of Kingsmen in how it handles its story telling, and for some reason it makes me think of gangsters. Could be caused by Arthur being the leader of a gang.

The plot line did get better with the film, and the fight scenes were done correctly. My favorite is just how Arthur describes what has happened or what will and how they cut back and forth and frame these parts. I just adore it! And, finally, a personal camera shot used correctly! Jumping between the characters as they run through the streets.

From a movie stand point, I may be in love. Just a little. The editor for this film did a superb job!


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