I found this movie recently, well, re-found it, and had to watch it. Why? Because I had just listened to a podcast with a few of these stories.

As a movie, separate from the stories it is based on, this is an interesting, dark movie. This is the old school fairytales. Not for children, as so much that I review is not for children. Honestly, I enjoyed this dark film. The actors were great, though if I didn’t know at least one of the stories, I honestly wouldn’t have known what was going on.

Now, in comparison to the one story that I did know, that of the queen who wanted a child and so a water dragons heart had to be gotten and cooked by a virgin who then also got pregnant, it was very close. Still not exact, but close. That story was actually a bit darker than the original.

Then we had the girl, the flea, and the giant. I wish that had a bit more explanation, and it truly made me sad where that went to.

And… there was a third. I know there was a third. Ah, the king and the old woman. That one was very different from the bit that I had heard. But it is possible that I didn’t hear that tale in its entirety.

Overall, this movie would be enjoyed by those who like dark fantasy. Who like the original tales told in their entirety.

NOT a family movie. Nope.


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