A Life Update

Hello all, and thank you for stopping in to say hello!

First of all, if you have made a comment on one of these and haven’t seen it posted, I am very sorry. I am rather terrible at checking on the comments.

Second, you may start to see some more ads on here. I am not going to apologize for that. As much as I am working to make this site into a useful thing (and, trust me, I need to put more time into it), I also need it to pay for itself. That is just how it has to be sometimes. I don’t like it, but money has been tight after moving across the country. Not as tight as many people, but I keep finding myself spending money without thinking about it!

So, it is time for a change.

Who better to tell than the internet, am I right?

Third, I bought a second vehicle. I bought a winter vehicle, and honestly I could have likely spent half of what I did. Really honestly, I probably could have gone out and gotten a new car instead of an old car I could pay cash for and done just as well. But, considering the spending habits I am going to have to change, probably not. And it needs tires and a new belt and… gosh. Once this thing is set up to run, I honestly don’t want to have any issues with it for a year. That probably won’t happen, but we will see.

I may be selling it in a year if I have enough issues with it. Maybe.

The other thing that I have to face is this: while I can afford to eat out, I shouldn’t.

After this month and next month, it will get better. I won’t have to put on a set of $500 tires. I won’t have to pay car insurance, at least for a little while. After May I can find a cheaper place to live. Honestly, I pay way too much for my rent. It is ridiculous.

And while I am considering buying a house, I need to look at buying one that will fit my budget and needs, not a possible roommates. We haven’t even seriously talked about actually rooming together, only mentioned it in passing a few times. Therefore, if I am looking at a house, I need to look for one in a price range that would actually allow me to save money.

Fourth, I will be trying to get some editing jobs again. I want that money so I can put it into savings and build my emergency cast/down payment for a house back up. I really want to. But, I am going to have to put some work in.

I will continue to read and review, and watch and review, and try to have something on here every single day. I don’t know if those who follow this blog have realized this, but I have been posting at least a few reviews a week. Sometimes even one almost every day. I try to keep the blog posts like this to a minimum.

And I want to continue to do that.

Outside of going to the gym (which I haven’t been doing the last month because of some stitches that I got), I honestly just go home, and maybe stop by the grocery store or the library on my way home. I don’t do much. I play some video games, which is always a lot of fun, but I read far more than I game lately.

I still have 60 some books on my reading list. We will see how many I am able to get through before December.

If you are e-mailing me with a request to review your book, please give me a deadline if you have one. Otherwise you will get put at the bottom of the list.

And also please be aware that the more detailed book reviews are usually print books that I have/have been given to review. That is just the way my brain works.

Please continue to come back here, and let me know of anything new you would like to see in the reviews!

(P.S. there should be some First Impressions coming your way, discussions on authors, and more links to author sites and where to buy the books I am talking about!)


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