Morganville: A TV First Review

I know, that is a terrible title. Kind of goes with this first episode.

I read this series in high school, still own the first few books. I enjoyed the first few, but this is one of the series that went on and on and almost, okay it did, went too far off of its base story. A very common theme in supernatural books.

Anyway, about this single episode. I vaguely remember watching this three years ago. I don’t think there is more than the first episode. And watching this reminded me why.

Myrin’s actor could have potential, but he still isn’t right. Myrin is supposed to be handsome, and old world charming. You will all possibly be disappointed in me for what I am about to write, but Tom Hiddleston, or a similar actor, would be perfect as him. Slightly maniac, but with the ability to be a complete charmer.

Okay, Claire. This actress is terrible. I don’t like her, one she doesn’t really fit with how I see Claire, but two she is just terrible.

Shane, one of the only good castings, other than the lady cop. He is right on the money with how Shane was in the first novel. I guess he could be more muscular, but he fits the story right.

Michael… is… okay. Not horrible, but not tall enough. Otherwise, I think if they had made more series and had a better director, this actor could have worked.

Eve is terrible. She should be like the Abby in NCIS. That is all I will say on her.

The other vampires, other than maybe Brandon, were atrocious.

Monica actually worked. She was always crazy.

In total, I see why this series didn’t take off. While they followed the book so closely, the acting and ability to tell the story was just off. The angles of the camera, the film (yes, I know, this was a web series), the acting, and the directing! Just, gah. This series could be so popular. It has everything that is needed, it just needs someone to put some real money or talent or both behind it.

Just a fan, waiting for a good adaptation.



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