This is another movie for movie fans.

What do I mean by that? If you enjoy watching a specific type of movie, and don’t enjoy them for the shots, for the acting, for the way the director, cast, and cinematographer have put together a movie, this movie isn’t for you.

Why? Because the plot is odd. Two American’s, a woman who is deathly sick and a guy who is a professional criminal, meet at a rave in Germany and fall in love and stay in Germany. The woman who is sick, and doesn’t tell the guy until she passes out in the cold, needs a kidney transplant. So the guy gets back into illegal activities. In Germany.

Typing it out, the plot doesn’t seem that odd, I mean, the characters are a bit, they are going against a king pin after all, but I promise, it is. Most people wouldn’t enjoy this film. I liked it. I would recommend it to a movie fan, or to someone who is a fan of quiet thrillers who build a quiet movie and for those who like to think about there movies. It is no inception, but it isn’t a bad movie by any means.

But it isn’t the average movie goers movie.

Nicholas Hoult does a great job as the lead, though I think his American accent does seem to slip a few times, as does the leading lady’s, Felicity Jones, whom I did not recognize at all until I check IMDB. The Great Anthony Hopkins and Ben Kingsley are also in this movie. I can understand why some were disappointing in this film as they probably didn’t expect such a dramatic film that relied as much on its acting as the few action scenes.


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