When Lightning Strikes: A Book Review

Written by Meg Cabot, this novel follows Jess, who was hit by lightning and now, after seeing a lost person’s photo the night before, the next morning knows where they are. Oh, and she is a good girl who gets into fights on behave of her friends and family. So she has a lot of detention and gets to hang out with the “grits”, who are the guys from the bad part of town, including Rob, whom she has a crush on.

Let’s begin with this question: why did I read a book written for pre-teen girls? Well, you see, I have read almost everything else by Meg Cabot (I draw the line at her children’s books), so I thought “lets read these so that they can be read”. Plus, the library had all of them.

I will finish this series. I will. But this really isn’t a good book.

Oh, the premise is interesting, but the main character is annoying as all get out. I guess that is what teenage girls are like, if they are trying really hard to be something that they are not. The pacing is fast, and this is told as if Jess is writing a statement for the police (which it turns out is actually for the FBI), so I suppose that COULD be forgive, but I don’t want to forgive it.

I was very disappointed. I was hoping that this would be written like the Mediator series, not the Princess Diaries.

My hopes were high, and I will finish the series, but I am disappointed.


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