Jane: A Book Review

Jane, written by April Lindner, is a modern interpretation of Jane Erye, “What if Jane Ere fell in love with a rock star?” That is all I will say for the summary.

Two things before I discuss this: 1) I have never read Jane Erye. I know, I know. 2) I think I have read this book before.

Alright, I really enjoyed this book.

This novel is well written, following Jane Moore, the new nanny who is strait forward without much of a sense of humor and a sad background, and Nico Rathburn, a rock star who used to be the baddest of the bad but now has a daughter and left behind the drugs years ago. And every character in this novel has depth, has personality. They have reasons for their actions. And so much happens in this novel.

Not to mention, it is well written.

Yes, she is 19 and he is in his 30’s (I think, that was a little unclear, early thirty’s at the most), and from the moment they meet you know they will fall in love and you know that the fact that she is his daughter’s nanny won’t really matter much.

I really like that they fall in love slowly and for their, admittedly odd, personalities.

If you enjoy a well written love story, this is a great book. A modern take on a classic, I enjoyed reading this. It isn’t action packed, and it isn’t explicit.

I know I am putting April Lindner on my list of authors that I need to read.


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