The Witches of East End: A Book Review

Written by Melissa de la Cruz, The Witches of East End follows a family of witches, well, actually Norse gods banned from doing magic, (mother and two daughters) who start to find reasons to do magic. Oh, and bad things start to happen to people.

Okay, I know, that summary makes it sound terrible. It wasn’t terrible.

But, it really wasn’t that great, particularly from this author.

I enjoyed the reference to her Blue Blood series (hello Mimi Force), and the fact that the TV Series based on this book is fairly close (I see no cool Aunt, but, you know, whatever), oh, and that there is no curse on the girls to die and not remember their last lives. But the pace was fast and a lot of actions taken by Freya and her mother (Ingrid actually made sense) seemed just… rushed. Like, who, at their age and with their experiences, would ever actually make these decisions?

That being said, since this WAS made into a TV series that I have watched, and I read the Blue Blood Series (I think all of the way through…), I will continue to read this, at least for one more book.

Who would like this? Urban Fantasy fans, honestly YA fans (even though this is an adult book, it reads like a YA), and those who enjoy novels that cross mythological bounds.


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