Please, Stop Putting So Many Photos in Your Review

I bet you never thought you would see a blog with that title.

Well, here you go.

If you scroll through Southern Today Gone Tomorrow, you will notice that it is terrible about posting a lot of photos. By that, I mean you won’t find a lot of photos. In fact, it is something that needs to be improved on.

But, something I have issues with are bloggers who put a ton of photos EVERYWHERE. Sincerely, everywhere. When the only reason I have to scroll more than a few rolls on my mouse wheel is because you put photos that don’t go with what you are talking about, it bothers me. Give me the meat, so that I can go wander away to another part of the internet, or get back to my reading. (At some point here I will inventory my to-be read list and put it on one of the pages. Probably the about page.)

Seeing a wall of text doesn’t bother me. Reading through a wall of text to realize they are just repeating the same thing over and over again does. Seeing a wall of pictures can bother me, particularly if they are all the same image.

Just because a picture can be worth a thousand words, doesn’t mean you should splatter them everywhere. In fact, despite the prevalence of photos through our modern internet society, you don’t need a ton to tell a story. In fact, the more images you have, the less words you need.

Exceptions? Comics and the like. A story told with the mix of the two.

But most posts aren’t like that. Just as writers/bloggers are constantly trying to make ad revenue, they are over using memes and so much more. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good meme, but when you replace a meme when you promised me actual information… just, why?

How does this play into a review, you ask? Well, when I am reading through a website and all the review consists of is reaction memes without any depth.

When it seems like the reviewer doesn’t have enough actual points to convince me to buy or look over a book so they have just put a bunch of images in the post.

What do you think? Do you like having a lot of images in the reviews/posts you read? Why? What about bloggers who use two different colors for their writing (INCLUDING ONE YOU CAN BARELY READ)?


One thought on “Please, Stop Putting So Many Photos in Your Review

  1. Haha, totally know what your talking about. Many Bloggers use them well, but every now and again I’ll come across a post with so many pictures and so little substance, it makes me wonder if they actually had anything to say in the first place. But, their blog, so they can do what they like. I just usually don’t come back to those ones.

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