Why Emma Watson is a Terrible Choice for the Queen of the Tearling

First of all, the Tearling Queen, Kalea, is supposed to be plain. Emma Watson, according to every man I know, is anything but plain. She is also supposed to be bigger.

And, frankly, have a deeper voice.

I get it, this novel is all about girl power, and therefore Emma Watson, but what about doing the book justice and casting the character that the author wrote? What about that?

Now, I haven’t read all three books. This is simply from reading the first book. And it is okay that they got a very attractive actress, but she isn’t bigger (Kalea isn’t very big in the story either, the point is that she isn’t toned and tiny). And, just, yeah.

Okay, I also am not a fan of Emma Watson. I didn’t like her as Belle. I only like some of her movies, excluding the amazing Harry Potter books, of course.


One thought on “Why Emma Watson is a Terrible Choice for the Queen of the Tearling

  1. I don’t know this series, so I can’t really comment on the casting decision, but I can agree with these sentiments, and I do.
    I thought that she was a dreadful choice for Belle. Of course, I thought that many other things about that film were dreadful, but her? For Belle? It didn’t work. Plus, that was some of the worst autotuning I’ve ever heard in a film. They shouldn’t have cast a girl who wasn’t a strong singer.
    But I like Emma Watson as a person, and I think that’s why she keeps landing these roles. I haven’t seen her in a film outside of Harry Potter that I enjoyed, though.

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