Written by S. P. Somtow, this novel follows a journalist/anthropologist who has driven to the middle of no where South Dakota to interview a man, a murderer, with multiple personality disorders.

Only, that isn’t the only thing he suffers from…

Carrie is the main character, i.e. the journalist, and I do like her. Set in the 60’s, her character is believable, but most every other character in this novel is depraved.

Her ancestor, Hope, is the second point of view, who is someone who has dark desires but denies them like any good woman did in the 1800s. J.K. is another version. And Harper, the soldier. And a few other points of view. The various points of view were interesting and I think the best way to tell this story.

As far as the story its self… ehe. Honestly, when I started I didn’t realize it was actually a werewolf book. I thought it was about a killer with multiple personality disorder who thought he was a werewolf.

I can be honest. This is definitely a horror novel written in the style of the 80’s. So, it is very explicit in language, and depraved is the correct word.

So, if you like dark werewolf novels, where they are monsters, this would be a good book. If you like a long horror, also good.


cover photo from Amazon


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