Fright Court: A Book Review

Written by Mindy Klasky, Sarah has started working at the night court, where she quickly learns that there are creatures that go bump in the night and this is where their crimes are judged.

Sarah was hired by the mysterious and protective Head of Security (let me look up his name because it has been almost a month and for reasons I will get into in the next review I forgot about this novel) James, who very clearly has feelings for our main girl. And he is the kind of vampire that I do like. He has history, but keeps it to himself, he is protective, but gives her the skills to protect her self.

I really did enjoy this (I think free) read.

That being said, the fact that only this book and the next exist in the series at this point, I would say only read this one and stop. Don’t read the second.

This is a romance, but it is a sweet, light-hearted romance.

I will say that I didn’t enjoy Chris, but that might have to do more with the second novel.

Sarah’s character was also engaging and different enough to make her interesting, even though her heritage makes no sense, in my opinion.

If you like urban fantasy stories, I would say give this one a go. But don’t read the second novel. Like, just end with this one, okay?


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