Lost in Space: A Netflix Binge Update

I know. You all missed this.

Below are just a few notes that went through my head while watching the first episode. After that I started paying attention to the show.

Here are the following things I have learned:

  1. Few people (at least that I know) have actually seen lost in space. And I am not just talking about the old TV show, I am also talking about the movie! (See below) I know, the movie isn’t the greatest, but I really enjoyed watching it. The characters (okay, the kids and the pilot) had a lot of personality. And, honestly, the movie Penny and Judy are far better than the current renditions. Penny just… there isn’t much to her character in this version.
  2. They made the main protagonist a female. Just, you know, a note. Not saying either one was better, I think they both get the creepy vibe across, but the original doctor actually could pull off the whole “I am normal and not crazy” thing better. Just saying.
  3. We lost the pilot. I know, he is still there, physically, but the character is different. Though the chicken makes me smile EVERY TIME, but I don’t get why they are trying to make him a bit of a bad guy. Honestly, this is my least favorite version of Don. And, I wish they would have gone the novel route and made him a scientist.
  4. The parents are pretty good. So far.
  5. I have mixed feelings about the robot.

I will try to post another update when I finish watching this series. I will say that there are some beautiful shots of the world, and that this is a very different concept from the original or remake.

Image result for lost in space 1998

WHAT KIND OF LIQUID IS THAT? Water does not freeze like that. Sorry.

And let’s all split up now to do things, because magnesium.



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