Bullet Head: A Movie Review

Okay, I will admit it. I watched this movie because of the actors. And I was not disappointing.

This was an artsy film. This was a film about the individuals and who they were.

And it was about a fighting pit. The dog that is.

This is about 3 robbers who are hold up in an abandoned building.

It is also about a fight ring that was recently shut down.

This does have jump scares in it. I really enjoyed watching it, again.



So, I loved the dog. I loved that it obeyed its master until they tried to kill him. I don’t love that it killed that guy. But that dog… all he wanted was to be a good boy. And he turned into this monster dog in an effort to please his master.

That is why dog fighting is so horrible. It isn’t the dogs being themselves (most of the time), it is the dogs trying to please their master.

And the people in the movie. I would like to point out that everyone died except the woman in the flashback. And, yes, the final guy could have been alive. But, he also could have not been.

Every character was so fleshed out, and they each had some redeeming quality/action in them. And the dog never actually killed them.

Just, yes. This was a good movie and I am glad I watched it.






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