Written by William Paul Young, follows Mack years after his youngest daughter Missy is taken an murdered. Now, it is the middle of winter, his wife and surviving children are away, and a note appears that asks for him to meet them at the shack. The shack where they found Missy’s bloody dress.

I enjoyed this book, but this is definitely a religious book, and honestly is aimed towards those who are already, to some extent, religious. I definitely wouldn’t say that this novel gave me any great realization. It took the idea of God, in the trinity, and made it more accessible and really focused on what Jesus’ sacrifice did.

But it didn’t do it in plain language. That is why this book is still for the religious. But, really, those who want the bible spelled out for them more. This novel would ask questions, then give you the answers, but not give you the answers to a level where you could really take them into yourself and go farther. It was the same thing over and over again.

Which was the point. You must discover something on your own. Leading a horse to water doesn’t mean it will drink.

It wasn’t my favorite book. But, it was well written and the reader was engaging. If you are looking for some christian fiction and you are open to a broader interpretation, this is a good book. I did enjoy the discussion of how things changed (I will leave that to the reader to figure out – hint, it is a CHRISTIAN novel).


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